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The Ibogaine Dossier

What's New and What's of Interest

Recent Additions to The Ibogaine Dossier
This page now includes both what's new and what's of Interest sections. Don't forget to check our opinion and science sections for a more comprehensive selection of articles.

Please review the additions to our library.

Ibogaine is an experimental medication for the treatment of chemical dependence. Claims for this antiaddictive drug include significant reduction in opioid withdrawal signs and interruption of drug seeking and craving behavior. The Ibogaine Dossier is the oldest internet source of information on this substance. Within the Dossier you will find reports on subjects as diverse as ibogaine's use in African religion to cutting edge neuroscience.

What's New

Long unavailable, Claudio Naranjo, M.D.'s paper, Psychotherapeutic Possibilities of New Fantasy-Enhancing Drugs is now available thanks to the Canadian Research Knowledge Network. Naranjo's paper was the first to report outside of Africa of the psychotherapeutic benefits of ibogaine.
The International Drug Policy Reform Conference 2009, November 11 - 14, Albuquerque, New Mexico provides a unique ibogaine session covering Medical Practice, Science, and the African Heritage of Ibogaine. Check the page for the addition of recent powerpoint slide presentations.
Sayulita, Mexico, 2009. The ibogaine community organized a special providers and facilitators conference to honor the work of Howard Lotsof and his discovery of ibogaine's antiaddictive effects. More than fifty members of the ibogaine scientific and medical community gathered on the Pacific cost of Mexico to share professional knowledge of ibogaine therapy and procedures. Please see: The Ibogaine Providers and Facilitators conference: A Tribute to Howard Lotsof
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008. Between October 31 and November 3, The Danish Drug Users Union (BrugerForeningen) hosted drug user advocates from around the world to celebrate International Drug Users Day (IDUD) and the Conference on Drug User Activism. Concurrent to these events were the General Assembly of the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) and the fifteenth anniversay celebration of the Danish Union. Among the presentations given during the conference was a unique ibogaine slide show directed towards those who would benefit most from ibogaine. Please see: The Ibogaine Community Worldwide - User to User.
Among the participants in the Copenhagen events were two recently treated ibogaine patients. One of the subjects was kind enought to prepare a report, Ibogaine Trip Report Prepared For BrugerForeningen. The report proivdes an instant view of the growing international collaboration between doctors, users and user organizations showing how important mutual respect can be.
Washington, DC, 2008. During August 15 and 16, Gabonese graduate students in the United States who had received scholarships from the government of Gabon organized a conference to recognize the Gabonese experience in the United States and the celebration of Gabonese independence day. Journées Gabonaises aux Etats-Unis provided a broad range of subjects related to Science, Health, politics and business. While most of the two hundred participants were familiar with the Bwiti religon and its sacrament Iboga, very few were familiar with ibogaine science. The conference organizers invited Howard Lotsof, the discoverer of ibogaine's antiaddictive effects to present that information. The PowerPoint slide show is available both in english and french. Please see: Iboga and Ibogaine: From the Forest to the Laboratory or L'iboga et l'ibogaïne:  De la forêt au laboratoire

What's of Interest

Dr. Kenneth R. Alper's recent acquisiton of the copyright to the Proceedings of the First International Ibogaine Conference allows the Ibogaine Dossier to provide all sixteen chapters written by primiere ibogaine researchers on topics from mechanisms of actions to clinical studies. The chapter PDF files are linked from their titles in the volumes's Table of Contents
For an extensive collection of ibogaine-related art and graphics visit The Ibogaine Dossier Art Gallery.
The Ibogaine Medical Subculture by Kenneth R. Alper, Howard S. Lotsof and Charles D. Kaplan is available in web page format. For your pleasure and information we present The Ibogaine Medical Subculture. The paper is also available in its original pdf format
The Ibogaine Dossier has grown to the extent that we thought it best to provide Guided Tours as a matter of simplifying your introduction to ibogaine and ibogaine-related research. Each tour has component parts to allow an understanding of the field. Our latest editions include tours dealing specifically with the African experience and the field of psychotherapy. You will also find tours of assorted subjects including review articles, information on African use, chemical dependence treatment issues, drug user activism and the science explaining ibogaine activity. Take all eight tours. We hope these prove to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
In order to provide better patient services Ibogaine patients can now avail themselves to the Ibogaine Patients' Bill of Rights. The Ibogaine Patients's Bill of Rights stipulates rights and responsibilities of Ibogaine patients with the intent of increasing patient safety and satisfaction.
Whether you are an ibogaine provider wishing to report a medical event or a patient with a grievance, just go to the Ibogaine Incident/Grievance Report Form and file your online report.
Pharmacodynamics and Therapeutic Applications of Iboga and Ibogaine - Now with a linked table of contents. This historically important review article by Robert Goutarel, Otto Gollnhofer and Roger Sillans.
Ibogaine in the Treatment of Chemical Dependence Disorders: Clinical Perspectives. The paper now contains a new table of contents linked to subjects and more accessible references. Read this paper to know what to expect during ibogaine therapy.
Want to contact people who have been treated with ibogaine and the providers who treated them? Join the Ibogaine List for one-on-one discussions.
Perspectives on the History of Psychoactive Substance Use by Gregory A. Austin. "The book was published as part of a Research Issues Series sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Austin's volume sought to provide an overview of the spread of drug use throughout history and the changing policies of governments and societies towards these drugs".
Reflections on an ibogaine experience was the first significant self-report of a heroin user treated with ibogaine. It remains a classic in the field. "I heard about ibogaine from a friend in New York and then requested treatment for me and my boyfriend. We were the first people to be treated in Holland. My ibogaine treatment took place in a hotel room in Amsterdam. My boyfriend had been succesfully treated the day before."
Presenting Ibogaine: Fantasy and Reality, Claudio Naranjo's chapter on ibogaine from his out of print book, The Healing Journey. An interesting view of ibogaine psychotherapy. A new Introduction by Naranjo as well as a Foreword by Lotsof are included.

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