The Ibogaine Dossier
The Ibogaine Dossier

NYU Conference on Ibogaine Nov 5-6, 1999

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The Ibogaine Dossier


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Ibogaine: The Book

  • Following the New York University School of Medicine's International Ibogaine Conference held in 1999, Drs. Kenneth R. Alper of NYU and Stanley D. Glick of the Albany Medical College edited submissions and additions of the proceedings now published by Academic Press. The Alkaloids, Volume 56 brings together the world's experts on ibogaine. This book represents the state of the art. View the Table of Contents from where you can link to individual PDF files of each of the book's 16 chapters and index.

  • By special permission of Academic Press The Ibogaine Dossier presents A Contemporary History of Ibogaine in the United States and Europe. The chapter by Kenneth R. Alper, Charles D. Kaplan and Dana Beal portrays the amazing and exciting story of ibogaine development. This selection is of Chapter 14, Volume 56, The Alkaloids, Ibogaine: Proceedings of the First International Conference.

Ibogaine lab research

  • The Ibogaine Dossier continues its historical document collection with the seminal literature review of ibogaine, opioid and stimulant interaction, providing a long unavailable copy of the 1984 Literature Report by Doris H. Clouet, Assistant Director, Testing and Research Laboratory, New York State Drug Abuse Control Commission, Brooklyn, New York. The 1984 Report was supported by a grant of the Dora Weiner Foundation to Dr. Clouet and reviews early literature not readily availale elsewhere. We therefore present The Clouet Report - 1984. The Clouet Report was the first document used to garner scientific support for the use of ibogaine in the treatment of substance use and dependence disorders. Clouet's review includes thirty peer reviewed papers published between the 1950s and 1980s. The report is in PDF format.

  • A Chronology of Selected Abstracts, Ibogaine: Rapid Method for the Interruption of the Narcotic Addiction Syndrome. The Chronology is an excellent collection of abstracts relating to the use of ibogaine in the treatment of narcotic dependence as well as, addressing safety issues. The document was originally presented at the 20th conference of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD) held in Orlando in October 2004. It is also available as a downloadable PDF document file. PDF files require an Adobe Reader. I you don't have one, a free version may be obtained from Adobe.

  • An important paper by Stanley Glick and Isabelle Maisonneuve in PDF format Mechanisms of antiaddictive actions of ibogaine

  • Pharmacology of Ibogaine and Ibogaine-Related Substances. A review by Piotr Popik and Phil Skolnick. Appeared as Chapter 3 in "THE ALKALOIDS", Vol.52, 1998.

  • Selected abstracts 18-Methoxycoronaridine and some full-text papers. Review data on this synthetic iboga alkaloid congener developed by the Albany Medical College research group.

  • Ibogaine is one of the psychoactive indole alkaloids isolated from the shrub, Tabernanthe iboga. Preclinical studies demonstrate that ibogaine reduces self-administration of both cocaine and morphine, as well as attenuates the symptoms of morphine withdrawal. Several anecdotal observations in humans seem to support the hypothesis that ibogaine may have antiaddictive properties.
    Now available online: a review article by Piotr Popik and Stanley Glick.

  • Ibogaine a brief history. This easy to read review summarizes the qualities of Ibogaine. It includes research conducted in 1995 and 1996.

  • An evaluation of ibogaine neurotoxicity, including abstracts of relevant papers.

  • The Ibogaine bibliography. References to over 130 scientific articles, most with abstract. Now with coverage of NMDA-receptor review articles. The NMDA-receptor complex has been implicated in the 'psychological dependence' pathway.

  • A number of articles have been selected to appear in our special abstracts section because of their thought provoking content.

  • In continuation of the Ibogaine Dossier's Historical Document Project we are pleased to present an English translation of the first paper published on the extraction and identification of ibogaine. The authors, in fact, named the alkaloid in their 1901 publication: Concerning Iboga, its excitement-producing properties, its composition, and the new alkaloid it contains, ibogaine by J. Dybowski and Ed. Landrin. Also available in PDF format. This article is presented for historical value and not scientific accuracy as much has been learned about ibogaine and its use since 1901.

Ibogaine clinical research and experience

  • The Ibogaine Medical Subculture by Kenneth R. Alper, Howard S. Lotsof and Charles D. Kaplan is available in web page format. For your pleasure and information we present The Ibogaine Medical Subculture published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. The paper is also available in its original pdf format

  • The first long-term study of ibogaine effects. Udi Bastiaans' paper, Life After Ibogaine discusses the medical, psychological, social and legal history of patients treated with ibogaine. This report is in PDF format.

  • A report by Howard Lotsof on dose and dose regimens for both ibogaine HCl and total alkaloid extracts in PowerPoint slide show format: Ibogaine Therapy: Forms and Dose Regimens

  • Ibogaine therapy has emerged in the last twenty years as a viable option for the treatment of chemical dependence. The Manual for Ibogaine Therapy - Second Revision by Lotsof and Wachtel is intended for ibogaine providers who are concerned with patient safety and the outcome of Ibogaine treatments. The manual presents medical safety data and clinical discussions with links to additional resources. Now also available as The Ibogaine Manual in PDF format. Just click to download. Includes active links.

  • Ibogaine, Trauma and Abreaction: The Treatment of Chemical Dependence.H.S. Lotsof, C.A. Smith F., J. Bastiaans; presented at 40th International Conference on the Prevention and Treatment of Dependencies, ICAA, Amsterdam, 1996.

  • Sometimes the ability to understand a subject comes from being able to understand its beginnings. We are now able to provide a copy of Reaching a State of Wellness: Multistage Explorations in Social Neuroscience This paper by Charles D. Kaplan's Erasmus University Rotterdam working group provides insight into the early Dutch addict self-help ibogaine scene with a comparison to traditional Tibetan medicine.

  • Treatment of Acute Opioid Withdrawal with Ibogaine. Alper et al.'s review article of ibogaine effects on opioid withdrawal signs of subjects from the United States, The Netherlands and Panama over a period of three decades. A downloadable PDF file is also available.

  • We are pleased to present Ibogaine: Fantasy and Reality , Claudio Naranjo's chapter on ibogaine from his out of print book, The Healing Journey. A new Introduction by Naranjo as well as a Foreword by Lotsof are included.

  • Long unavailable, Claudio Naranjo, M.D.'s paper, Psychotherapeutic Possibilities of New Fantasy-Enhancing Drugs is now available thanks to the Canadian Research Knowledge Network. Naranjo's paper was the first to report outside of Africa of the psychotherapeutic benefits of ibogaine.

  • A Preliminary Investigation of Ibogaine: Case Reports and Recommendations for Further Study. A peer reviewed Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment article.

  • Daniel Luciano MD describes observations of treatment with ibogaine

  • Ibogaine in the treatment of chemical dependence disorders: clinical perspectives (A Preliminary Review) H.S. Lotsof. The primary purpose of this paper is to provide general information to the clinician who will be using ibogaine in the treatment of addiction.

  • Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin's description of ibogaine is scientific but engaged. "Here is an example of a most remarkable material that has allowed people to have some rather complex and dramatic experiences." An excerpt from their book Tihkal, the sequel to Pihkal, a Chemical Love Story.

  • A fascinating account by Sarah Emanon, a psychotherapist who speaks about her own experiences with ibogaine - both as a facilitator and as an experiencer- and her plans to direct an ibogaine clinic in Central America. Interviewer is Primal Therapist Donald A. Allan.

  • Deborah Mash answers Frequently Asked Questions about ibogaine research.

  • Ibogaine in Drug Detoxification. From Preclinical Studies to Clinical Trials
    Deborah C. Mash, Ph.D.

  • Phase I trial conducted at the University of Miami. Juan Sanchez-Ramos, Ph.D., M.D. and Deborah Mash, Ph.D.

  • Ibogaine, een oplossing voor het verslavingsprobleem? A literature review in dutch.

  • Stephen Snelders. Het gebruik van psychedelische middelen in de jaren zestig.
    Netherlands Hallucinogen Research (in dutch)

  • Netherlands Hallucinogen Research 1950 - 1970
    (in english)
    Stephen Snelders

  • Ibogaine in the treatment of narcotic withdrawal
    H. S. Lotsof, E. Della Sera, C.D. Kaplan

  • Pharmacodynamics and therapeutic applications of iboga and ibogaine
    For the Frenchlanguage version. Robert Goutarel[Biographical notes]

  • The Necessity of Addict Self-Help Involvement in Ibogaine Treatment Procedures.

Seminars, conferences and presentations

  • A Calendar of ibogaine conferences, forums and meetings is now available. Conference presentations are listed immediately below.

    1. Kenneth R. Alper reviews the Significance of Unofficial Ibogaine Treatment Scenes.. A PowerPoint presentation.
    2. Rick Doblin's presentation A Non-Profit Approach to Developing Ibogaine into an FDA-Approved Medication. An excellent how-to manual for drug development. A PowerPoint presentation.
    3. Comparative Development of Ibogaine, Methadone and Buprenorphine. H.S. Lotsof's presentation from the NYC Iboga and Ibogaine Forum. A historical review of why the government backed the development of some medications and not others. A PowerPoint presentation.
    4. What does the future hold? One vision is 18-methoxycoronaridine (18-MC). Jon Friedlander provides his PowerPoint presentation 18-MC: A Review

  • The Conference on Ibogaine will be held on November 5 and 6, 1999 at the New York University School of Medicine. It is the first meeting to be devoted to the subject of ibogaine to be held at a US academic medical center.

  • The Lindesmith Center Drug Policy Seminars, Winter 1998. March 2: Ibogaine Treatment. The feasibility and effectiveness of ibogaine in treating chemical dependence.

  • Innovative approaches for the treatment of substance abuse for the twenty-first century. U.S. Probation Symposium, New York, June 5, 1997.

  • ICAA 1996 AMSTERDAM. Speakers & abstracts.
    The 1996 International Institute on the Prevention and Treatment of Dependencies Conference Ibogaine Sessions. Meet the researchers and listen to their most recent hypotheses.

Social sciences

  • The Danish Drug Users Union (BrugerForeningen) hosted drug user advocates from around the world to celebrate International Drug Users Day and the Conference on Drug User Activism. Concurrent to these events were the General Assembly of the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) and the fifteenth anniversay celebration of the Danish Drug Users Union. Among the presentations given during the conference was a unique ibogaine slide show directed towards those who would benefit most from ibogaine. Please see: The Ibogaine Community Worldwide - User to User.

  • While the majority of the people of Gabon are familiar with the Bwiti religon and its sacrament Iboga, very few are familiar with ibogaine science. Howard Lotsof, the discoverer of ibogaine's antiaddictive effects now presents that information. The PowerPoint slide show is available both in english and french. Please see: Iboga and Ibogaine: From the Forest to the Laboratory or L'iboga et l'ibogaïne:  De la forêt au laboratoire

  • Sacrament of Transition (SofT) Protocol for Ibogaine Initiations, a report authored by Anže Tavčar presents information on this European ibogaine based religion not previously available. The report is provided in both a web page format and in a PDF format

  • Bwiti: An Ethnography of the Religious Imagination in Africa by James W. Fernandez contains a superb account of the ibogaine experience in the West-African Bwiti society. We are extremely happy to have the complete Chapter 18 available online. Introduction by Howard S. Lotsof

  • The Religion of Iboga or the Bwiti of the Fangs by P. Barabe, Chief physician, Professor of Tropical Medicine.

  • Pharmacodynamics and therapeutic applications of iboga and ibogaine Robert Goutarel [Biographical notes]     For the French language version of this article.

  • Georgio Samorini's The Bwiti Religion and the psychoactive plant Tabernanthe iboga (Equatorial Africa). Originally published in Integration, 5: 105-114.


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