The Ibogaine Dossier
The Ibogaine Dossier

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The Ibogaine Dossier


  • Ibogaine Development: Politics, Policy, Prejudice, Profit and Science A PowerPoint slide show from the 2006 New York City Ibogaine Conference provides an overview of ibogaine, its politics and science. The effects of stigma and discrimination on the drug dependent population and medication development are also discussed. (5 mb file)

  • To some, there is no stronger representation of opinion than expressed in art and to that end the Ibogaine Dossier has established an art gallery. The Dossier is pleased to introduce paintings inspired by the ibogaine experience, photographs of Bwiti initiation rites and other celebrations in Gabon Africa as well as, examples of ibogaine political graphics. Please visit our gallery for these presentations.

  • Key to the growing ibogaine scene in Great Britain is treatment provider Hattie Wells. Patient Jonathan Horsley describes what ibogaine did for him in Trip of a Lifetime.

  • David Scott's production of the documentary film Detox or Die depicting years of heroin addiction and chemical dependence and his release from that vortex by ibogaine was broadcast by the BBC to an audience of two million viewers. Journalist Roz Paterson writes the story: Alive and Kicking.

  • As part of the Ibogaine Dossier's Document Archive Project we present Bob Sisko's Treatment on Demand: Realistic Goal or Impossible Dream. Sisko was the founder of the International Coalition for Addict Self-Help (ICASH).

  • Could the root of an obscure African plant contain the secret to combatting addiction? An Independent on Sunday article (March 1999).

  • Is ibogaine the greatest pharmaceutical discovery of the late 20th century, or will it turn out to be just another story of a maverick visionary. A syndicated article by Simon Witter.

  • Fight to develop drug addiction therapy. A reprint from Nature Medicine.

  • Heantos. A Vietnamese medicine man gets addicted to drugs in an attempt to find an all-natural cure for addicts. The United Nations Development Program has said it will spend $400,000 to test the substance.

  • Reflections on an ibogaine experience. "I heard about ibogaine from a friend in New York and then requested treatment for me and my boyfriend. We were the first people to be treated in Holland. My ibogaine treatment took place on October 25, 1989, in a hotel room in Amsterdam. My boyfriend had been succesfully treated the day before."

  • For centuries a strongly hallucinating potion made from leaves and lianes has been used in the South American jungle. This potion is called yage or ayahuasca and it is mainly used in religious settings. Some information about ayahuasca and a personal report by Hannah Bouma.

  • Eric Fromberg, Trimbos-instituut, Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction
    Mijn eerste confrontatie met het bestaan van ibogaine was de vermelding ervan in het onvolprezen boek van Emboden: "Narcotic plants" en dat leerde me niet veel meer dan dat Tabernanthe iboga, een struik uit west Afrika, een hallucinogeen bevat met de naam ibogaine, totdat ik bijna 20 jaar later een briefje van Simon Vinkenoog ontving, vergezeld van enige papieren die handelden over het gebruik van ibogaine bij het afkicken.

  • John Morgan, Professor in Pharmacology, City University of New York Medical School.
    Initial disbelieve has changed after reviewing research results. "I can now balance my skepticism with some appropriate optimism and look forward to the NIDA studies."

  • Rick Doblin, MAPS. Now that NIDA has decided to enter the field of ibogaine research, it is sparing no expense in gathering the required data. Its leisurely timetable, however, leaves something to be desired.

  • NIDA and Ibogaine, by Bob Sisko.
    Excerpts of Bob Sisko's remarks on May 12, 1993 to the 54th meeting of the National Advisory Council On Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

  • Bob Sisko writes about the First International Ibogaine Treatment Symposium.

  • Howard Lotsof, NDA Inc. describes the Endabuse Procedure in the development of ibogaine to treat addiction.

  • The history of ibogaine an African American Perspective. A reprint from City Sun

  • INTASH discusses the necessity of Addict Self-Help involvement in Ibogaine treatment. They represent the New York based International Coalition of Addict Self-Help (Intash)

  • Barbara E. Judd CSW discusses the need of psychotherapy in the Ibogaine treatment of substance-related disorders

  • In Memoriam Nico Adriaans, by Jean Paul Grund.
    In the night of January 22, 1995, my friend and brother-in-arms Nico Adriaans passed away. Nico Adriaans was the founder and chairman of the "Rotterdamse Junkiebond" (Junkie Union), the first advocacy/activist User Group in the Netherlands.

  • John A. Speyrer asks: Ibogaine: Does This Psychedelic Drug Portend the End of Primal Therapy?

  • The Ibogaine Factor. Washington bureaucrats and Harlem activists debate the controversial "Cure for Addiction"

  • Deborah Mash about ibogaine and clinical testing in a slightly outdated article from Omni magazine, February 1994.

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